Secret Heroes: Camp Ritchie and the Making of The Ritchie Boys

Their Unique History and Demographics

The Battle of The Bulge: A Failure of Intelligence? 

No, a Failure to USE Intelligence!

The Life and Times of Ritchie Boy Eric Waldman is a great write up and biography provided by the family of Eric Waldman.

Author and filmmaker Steven Karras wrote "The Enemy I Knew: German Jews in the Allied Military in World War II" which is a collection of twenty-seven first-person accounts from European-born Jewish combat veterans of World War II. All were refugees from the Nazi regime who fled Germany and Austria in humiliation and fear, then faced down their persecutors by joining the Allied military to fight against the country of their birth. Among the twenty-seven chapters, there are seven veterans who were Ritchie Boys. 

The Ritchie Boys in the book are: William Katzenstein, Karl Goldsmith, Ralph Baer, Manfred Steinfeld, Fred Fields, John Brunswick, Kurt Klein. Click here to read the chapters. 

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