First Class

Members of the First Class

The image below is a photo of the First Class at Camp Ritchie. There are two known copies of this photo, which the numbering differs. The number circles correspond with the individuals below the photo. The chart below the image contains the nativity, religion, name, army serial number, year of birth and death, rank, specialty, certificate number and unit of those in the first class, if information is known.

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Image is courtesy of Kay Fuller Mitchell, published in "Ritchie Boy Secrets: How a Force of Immigrants and Refugees Helped Win World War II" by Beverley Driver Eddy.

The Class Photo should not be reproduced, stored in, or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means (electronic, digital, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise) without prior written permission.

(1) Thomas Robbins; (2) John R. Guenard; (3) George H. Rochman; (4) John B. Jackson; (5) Werner Fischer; (6) Mario G. Manzone; (7) Kenneth D. Koch; (8) John F. Parker; (9) Young A. Neal; (10) Theodore J. Roberts; (11) Henry J. Staudigl; (12) Benno H. Selcke Jr.; (13) Hanns G. Kurth; (14) Edwin L. Ruprecht; (15) Walter H. Rapp; (16) Paul M. Birkeland; (17) Arthur W. Curtis; (18) Erhart A. Schinske; (19) Sterling R. Ryser; (20) Robert E. Walker; (21) Jack A. Dabbs; (22) Christo T. Mocas; (23) Robert L. Grosjean; (24) Leroy H. Woodson; (25) Conrad C. Reining; (26) John H. Brown; (27) Henry C. Barringer

First Class