The Patricia Crane Story

WAC T/5 Patricia Crane was featured in the 2011 exhibition "Secret Heroes" at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, MI.

Her daughter, Rebecca (Becky) Liell Hostetter was present and searching for more information about her mother. The following recently came to light.

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Personal DNA testing by show guest Becky Liell Hostetter (lower right, in blue) brought her into contact with her mother’s long-lost first daughter, Karen Gaulrapp (center, with Rose), who was given up for adoption in 1946. In this photo, Becky, Karen, and the three sisters Becky grew up with (left to right, Kitty Liell, Maggy Liell and Nora Liell) spend a recent holiday weekend together.

Becky Hostetter, a vegetarian chef and co-owner of Duos Indy, whose genetic testing connected her to a long-lost half sibling. As Becky had known for years, her mother had gotten pregnant while serving in the Women's Army Corps during WWII at Camp Ritchie, Maryland, and had given the baby up for adoption.

In the 1970s Becky and her mother attempted to find the adopted sibling, but to no avail. What little information they had about the person could be summed up on a 3x5 index card: Female, weighed less than 6 lbs. at birth, reddish hair and born May 30, 1946, in a military hospital in New Hempstead, New York.

Becky's 2015 DNA test eventually led to locating this long-lost sister and a joyful reunion (including Becky's three other sisters) in 2017.

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